Letters From the Moms of Children Seen in the Video

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the effort and hard work you did this past school year with Justin. I am truly amazed at just how much he retained! This year was a difficult year and I was unable to work with him on a regular basis at home during the week. In spite of my not working with him, he is still able to sound out short words, and on occasion has read simple sentences. This is all because of your work with him on Mondays. He has retained so much information…I am amazed! After only 1 &1/2 hours of teaching on Mondays, his ability is incredible. Thank you again for all your diligence…You have an impressive curriculum!
Much Thanks,
Tina Knight

This is a very thorough phonics program that will help any child with the beginning process of learning to read and then take them to the next levels of reading aloud with little help. My granddaughters loved the character letters and stories that went along with each lesson!
Clare Holcomb

The ABC Discovery reading program is an awesome tool for teaching little ones to read. Our 5 year old grasped the reading concepts quicker than our other children at this age. We are very pleased with the results.
Thank you,
Sam Streby

Thank you for working with Jorryn. My older children had learned to read effortlessly, but my youngest one, even though she is very bright, really struggled to remember the names of the letters and their sounds. They just did not stick with her – until she was introduced to the letters as little people in ABC Discovery. She was able to remember letter names, as A, for example, because of the story about Abigail A. Recalling the letter sound was also made simple because she could hear it at the beginning of ‘Abigail’.

After the children had learned just a few letters, they began a word-building activity called the ‘The Train Game’. It began as the first two letters, i.e., the ‘engine’ and the ‘middle car’, were put together to form a consonant-vowel blend. The final step then, was to ‘hook on’ the ‘caboose’ and make a three letter word. In most programs, reading begins as a black and white, one dimensional, and sometimes difficult process, but here it was transformed into a colorful, hands-on activity that children can readily enjoy. I thought it was brilliant!

It made sense to my daughter. The process was simple – almost like building a puzzle – so she did not get confused, frustrated or bored. She made excellent progress and is able to sound out words better than her older sisters did when they were that age.

An unexpected bonus was the music CD with Scripture-based, character building songs that accompanies the program. I was pleasantly surprised to see how my kids enjoyed these; they would dance around in the living room over and over as they sang the songs.
Thanks again,
Jessica Ivey

Testimonials from Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties

Dustin, my 9 ½ year old son, has ADD and processing disorders. Although he had been in SLD classes and had been held back to repeat first grade, he was still far behind his grade level. It was at that time he began working with Phyllis Reinhardt. Following the techniques laid out in her Remedial Reading Program, first he was made aware of the way certain letter sounds are produced in the mouth. Next, he applied phonetic principles as he manipulated letter tiles to form words. Stories that followed featured the words he had been building and reinforced the hands-on activity. A word-building game which he played with his teacher added fun to each lesson.

After a few weeks, we were surprised and delighted to see that Dustin was actually reading! In six months, he was reading at 1st grade level. Now, less than a year later, he is reading on target level for the next grade.
Thank you,
Judy Flitter

I am the parent of a special needs child. Michael, age 8, has ADHD, sensory integration, and auditory issues. Although he had been attending special education classes for three years, he could not read and was totally disinterested in learning. This changed, however, when he began working with Mrs. Reinhardt.

Reading began to make sense to him when he saw that he could put colorful letter tiles together – just one sound at a time – to build words. Those words then were written on cards and were used in a kind of ball game, in which he would alternate between reading a word card and tossing a ball back and forth. When he opened the Phonetic Reader, he would meet the same words he had been working with on a physical level. I was amazed when, after a few weeks, he began to pick up some easy readers and start to read them on his own!

Michael has been working with Mrs. Reinhardt for nine months and has progressed to a level of reading appropriate for the end of kindergarten or the beginning of first grade. He continues to work with her and we anticipate ongoing progress.
Thank you,
Lisa Garcia

“Mark had a 60% – 80% hearing loss when he was a very young child. When he should have been developing speech, he could not hear sounds, so he never learned how to talk. We went through a lot of years in speech therapy with Mark, with some good results. He learned to speak and better communicate, but was still very hard to understand. In the second grade, he was placed on a modified work schedule. It was then my wife met Mrs. Reinhardt and learned about her teaching program. She began working with him three times a week after school. Within days, Mark’s speech improved to the point you could understand him very clearly and he continued to improve every day. By the end of the school year, Mark’s reading, spelling and speech had improved so much he was reading on grade level and was off the modified work program. He is now fourteen years old, has been on the honor roll since second grade and is now entering the eighth grade. I believe the program Mrs. Reinhardt taught Mark had a lot to do with his improved performance and gave him the fundamentals he needed to be successful.”
Tommy Hamm
(father of Mark)

Reviews and Comments from Users

Practical Homeschooling, 1995 Summer Issue review of ABC Discovery

“This has got to be one of the cutest, most colorful beginning phonics programs that I’ve ever seen!… The first part of the program is designed to be so easy that even an older child could teach beginning phonics to his younger sibling…One of the unique aspects of this approach arises from the author’s background in linguistics. She stresses correct pronunciation and gives all sorts of little-known tips on how to help the children pronounce the sounds correctly. In fact, there is even a “game” to teach your children to conquor that pesky r sound.”

LuAnne Schendel, Elementary Principal, Orangewood Christian School, Orlando, FL

“ABC Discovery phonics and beginning reading program is one of the most thorough on the market today. It does an excellent job of teaching the sound-symbol correspondence using research-based methods. Even students who seem to be struggling will learn to read using this program.”

Rita Wise, Principal and Home School Leader

“This program is not just for young children, but can be used remedially at any age. My students were fascinated to learn the way each letter sound is made. Using their hands to feel for vibration in their throats and bursts of air from their lips seemed to awaken them to new ideas and made them want to learn more. It also helped them pay closer attention to letter sounds and read without slurring. I would recommend this program to anyone who is having difficulty in reading.

Renee Hall, elementary teacher at Fayetteville Christian School, Fayetteville, NC

“This is a wonderful program! I especially liked the way in which letters are introduced systematically. Each consonant, as it is learned, is combined with the five vowels into consonant-vowel blends. My children learned these by singing and had a lot of fun doing it. Next, the blends become words, then words turn into stories. All spelling and writing practice comes from the words used thus far. This gives the children constant review.”

Theresa Jones, Education Therapist

“I have worked with children with learning disabilities for nine years and after having reviewed Mrs. Reinhardt’s Remedial Reading Program, I can attest to its being based on sound phonetic principles. Correct pronunciation and a strong phonetic base are the basis of this program. The fact that regular words are presented first and then irregular words will make it easier for the non-reader to learn to read. The focus on articulation and kinesthetic activities make this a multi-sensory program further strengthening the possibility of success.”

Lynn Winebarger, parent

“I am so grateful for this program that has allowed my child to learn the proper pronunciation of the sound he was struggling with. By looking at the picture showing correct tongue placement and trying to do the same, he was able to successfully produce the proper sound. After just a short time of careful practice, the correct pronunciation became automatic and easy for him. He now has a new confidence in his speech and we are excited for him. It is amazing that in just such a short period of time he could experience success!”

Sylvia B.

“My children, ages two and three, attend a day care where ABC Discovery is being used. They’re learning their letter sounds and they’re ‘singing up a storm’. I often refer to one of the songs or rhymes to remind them of the way they should act. “It’s effective and at night when it’s time to read, they bring out ABC Discovery. They won’t let it stay on the shelf!”

Gwen H, a home school mom

“My boys love ABC Discovery. They choose it over other books. I use it for ‘behavior checks’, and it works. This book ‘speaks to their hearts’.”

Catherin Hutchens, home school mom

“Teaching my child to read has been the most fulfilling, exciting thing I have ever done! Jordan is five years old and this is our first year of home schooling. Before I bought ABC Discovery, I knew almost nothing about teaching a child to read. However, with the Kindergarten Teacher’s Manual, I have taught Jordan to read words and short sentences, using only the fourteen or fifteen letters we have covered up to this point. One reason I like ABC Discovery so much is that children can learn to read even while using only a small number of letters, all of which are grouped together according to pronunciation. We love the ABC Discovery stories with the caricatured letters and bright colorful pictures. The stories rhyme so they keep even my three year-old’s attention, which is amazing! I love it that every story teaches not only a letter and its sound, but also a godly precept. Through the “Lessons in Living”, we have learned all kinds of things, beginning with Creation and including sharing, taking care of pets, cleaning up messes we make and much more! I would recommend ABC Discovery to anyone who wanted to teach both reading and Christ-like behavior to a child. When my girls don’t want to obey, sometimes I remind them of the story of Leroy L and we may even sing the song together. Or if the problem is sharing, we talk about Billy B and Bobby Bear who shared a basket and a ball. I notice that when I refer to ABC Discovery, they seem to have a better attitude and obey more willingly than when I simply remind them they should share or obey. This has helped with discipline in our home and I think it would in a classroom also. To sum it all up, ABC Discovery is a fun and easy program to teach phonics and so much more!”

JaDiene DeCarmine, home school mom

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did creating ABC Discovery! I taught three children to read using another program, but then found that my son, Billy, was having difficulty pronouncing some sounds. I started using ABC Discovery and he was doing much better in a matter of days! After much improvement had been made, I went back to the other program with which I was more familiar. Billy, however, said, “I want to do ‘Billy B’.” Therefore, we are now back to using ABC Discovery and my son is loving it. Thanks for putting the fun in phonics!”

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